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Sacral Chakra Top

Sacral Chakra Top Inspiration:

Through meditation circles start of 2022, the full Chakra healing rituals sparked the connection of all chakras in a New COLLAB design with FaeClay!

Maddie at FaeClay works her magic using clay, paint a and crystals to form these beautiful fairy faces, faes, one in each of the chakras.


We have brought this collab to you over time, using sustainable slow fashion and hand crafted goodness for you. Filled with quality and love in each stitch and brush stroke.


Sacral- Heal your Sacral Chakra with our Orange Aventurine Crystal Fae. This crystal helps you to become present with your feelings & emotions. It promotes relaxation, joy and contentment


Please Note that Chakra Fae’s by FaeClay are retailed at £36.00 each necklace.

You can view more of Maddie’s work at: https://faeclay.co.uk/


Cotton and chains


Medium (C-DD Cups)

Modelled on C & DD cups.