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Super Cropped Shrugs

Super Cropped Shrugs:

Design: These are a fantastic addition to any outfit, layering and giving a touch of colour or warmth. I’ve made a poloneck variation design which is so comfortable and adds an extra layer of style and warmth.

Materials: I’ve made these in a few variations so far and all have been a massive hit.

Rasta Polo- Acrylic yarn. AVAILABLE

Red Polo- Acrylic yarn. AVAILABLE

Lilac-Cotton Velvet. AVAILABLE

UV Pinks- Acrylic chunky yarn. AVAILABLE



Cotton in a larger stitch for a FAIRY SHRUG

Crushed Velvet in a finer stitch (as photographed example shows) SUPER CROPPED SHRUG

Processing Time: Anywhere from 10 hours to hand crochet these pieces. 2-3 weeks.