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New Photo Shoot

We’ve had quite a year throughout 2022!

With a number of collaborations teaming up with various contrasting media artists and new product drops. Each of these came with their own unique, personalised products and organised photography shoots. We like to get a range of models involved for organised shoots, so please reach out if this is something that interests you for 2023.

May- Chakra Collection! In collaboration with @Fae Clay.

July- Crystal Cups 2.0 Drop! In collaboration with @Sustainable Sunflower Shop.

August- Warrior Spirit Drop! In collaboration with @Knatty Rose.

September- Naughty Fairy Collection! In collaboration with @ArtCat Creations.

We travel to various festivals across the UK with our workshops, products and performance arts each year. One of the most long running relationships we have is with Illusive Festival of Performing Arts. If you’d like to find out more about roles for festival work, get in touch.

New Product Drops!

As a continuous creative artist, there are always new products and drops throughout the year. Majority of the designs are 100% RainbowPot original patterns, with the acception of a few key products using patterns written by other creative artists. Keep up to date on product drops via social media outlets & our mailing list.